Award Ceremony BWKI 2022

The award ceremony of the second BWKI Austria 2022, a state-wide Artificial Intelligence contest for students, was held on November 11th, 2022. The top class jury was composed of experts in science, entrepreneurship, media and sustainability. Members of the jury: Dr. Bernhard Nessler, Dr. Clemens Wasner, Dr. Robert Legenstein, Dr. Jeanette Gorzala, Klemens Himpele, Dr. Isabel Claus and Dr. Daniel Klotz.

We congratulate the winning teams:

  • First place: Team OCR from HTL Spengergasse Wien with Alwin Schuster, Sascha Leber, Matthias Holzer and Constantin Winkler

  • Second place: Team Babyelefant from HTL Spengergasse Wien with Lukas Gäbler, Tobias Pressler and Moritz Patek
  • Third place: Team Vinitor from HTL Leonding with Anna Hartl and Sheila Hautzmayer

  • AI 4 Green Award: Team Deepknow - Trendoro with Lilia Gerber, Luis Kalckstein and Maximilian Busch

The winning team OCR was rewarded with a prize money of 2.500€. "We developed an OCR system that beats competing products from Apple, Google, and Amazon. For this we trained a CRNN architecture and wrote a dataset generator. For integration, we implemented our own API middleware," said Alwin J. Schuster, team leader of the OCR team. Furthermore, the school which collected the most points in the AI-course was awarded: HTL Rennweg in Vienna.

Thank you to all students for taking part and investing lots of time into their AI projects.