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We are requesting submission of letters of intent to host the 2023 KONVENS meeting.

KONVENS (Conference on Natural Language Processing) is an annual scientific meeting on all topics related to computational linguistics and language technology.
KONVENS is hosted by various professional societies (DGfS-CL, GSCL, ASAI, SwissNLP) from German-speaking countries and is usually held in autumn.
A list of previous KONVENS conferences can be found here or here.
The deadline for submission of letters of intent is 6/1/2022.
A letter of intent should include the following items:
    - Personal data of the organizers
    - Location of the event
    - Thematic focus (if desired)
    - Possible dates of the meeting (avoiding holidays, fairs / congresses)
    - Description of the envisaged rooms and what costs will be incurred for renting them
    - Financial and organizational support on site
The professional societies jointly evaluate the submissions received and select from them. Regional considerations and the thematic background of the organizers will also be taken into account.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Letters of intent should also be sent to:

Webinar on a critical discussion on Trustworthy AI and Customer Protection

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christiane Wendehorst (University of Vienna) was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection to examine the proposal from a consumer policy perspective.
  • Dr. Walter Peissl of the Institute for Technology Assessment at the Austrian Academy of Sciences was commissioned by the Austrian Chamber of Labor to write a study on the comprehensibility and transparency of artificial intelligence systems.

Award Ceremony BWKI 2021

The award ceremony of the BWKI 2021, which is Austria’s first state-wide Artificial Intelligence contest for pupils, was held on January 28th, 2022. The top class jury was composed of experts in science, entrepreneurship, media and sustainability.

We congratulate the winning teams:

  • First place: Team Rusted from Wiedner Gymnasium Wien - click here for their project video

  • Second place: Team WatchMan from HTL Wien West - click here for their project video

  • Third place: Team Private Voice Assistant from HTL Braunau - click here for their project video

The winning team “ Rusted”, with Jonas Kreigl, Ferdinand Pamberger and Elias Mutzl, was rewarded with a prize money of 2.500€. The three team members from Vienna worked on the optimization of transportation networks in regards to different ecological and efficiency goals. Furthermore, the school which collected the most points in the AI-course was awarded: HTL Rennweg in Vienna. Thank you to all students for taking part and investing quite some time in their AI projects.

Thirty Fifth International Conference (IEA/AIE-2022)

Thirty Fifth International Conference (IEA/AIE-2022) which will be held in Kitakyushu, Japan on July 19- July 22, 2022. ASAI members will be given a $50 discount on registration for the conference.